Delivery Information & Payment Methods

Delivery Informaion & Payment Methods

I. Deliveries in Bulgaria


1. Term of Delivery

All orders for availlable products  will be attempted within 3 business days.

All orders for  products which are not available will be attempted within 30 business days.


2. Shipping Costs 

Shipping costs are calculated based on weight and it is calculated automatically at checkout

Our clients shall be notified for the shippng costs before completing the order. However, below it the fee of the carrier used by

Weight (kg)      To office of Speedy             To address of the client

0-3                   EUR 1.76 / BGN 3.44            EUR 1.88  / BGN 7.11

3.1-6                EUR 2.52 / BGN 4.92            EUR 5.61  / BGN 10.98

6.1-10              EUR 3.15 / BGN 6.16            EUR 6.25  / BGN 12.22

10.1-20            EUR 5.77 / BGN 11.29          EUR 10.11 / BGN 19.77


For each additional kg over 20 kg, about  EUR 0.25 / BGN 0.49 are charged


3. Payment Methods

3.1 Cash on delivery

3.2 Bank transfer

 Log in to your online bank account(web banking or mobile apps) and select the option for making a payment.

The bank account to which you can deposit the cash to pay for your order are:



IBAN: BG53BUIN95611000645832

Beneficiary: EcoCode Ltd, UIC 205891268


II. Deliveries in Europe

 The terms of deliveries depends on the specific European country, the quantity and weight of the products. EcoCode shall notify you before completing the order. The only payment method is bank transfer and the payment shall be made in advance.


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