Palmware®-bear plates Ø 22 cm, round, 12 pcs.

  • Brand: Bionatic
  • Cat No:BN DTW 05300
  • Bears palm leaf plate
  • With a cute face
  • Certified for a social & fair manufacturing with BSCI
  • Pressed out of a whole leaf, no coating
  • Natural, decorative texture
  • Biodegradable according to DIN13432
  • Good partnership with manufacturing company
  • Brandings and customized printings are possible
  • Dimensions: Plate: Ø 22 cm, ears: Ø 7,2 cm

The cute palm leaf plates are a real eye-catcher and especially for children a head turner. The ears can be filled with dips and sauces.

Note in regard to stability and taste neutrality: Palm leaf plates are intended for the short-term consumption of food. If used as packaging with longer storage time, the plates are only suitable for dry products.

144 pcs. 122.40 lv

12,00 лв.
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