Sugar cane soup plates Ø 16 cm, 400ml, round, 50 pcs.

  • Brand: Bionatic
  • Cat No:BN DTW 01430

Sugar cane soup plates are your sustainable single-use option. Like all sugar cane plates, they are completely uncoated. Nevertheless, the surface is still durable and cut-proof. The plates are made from bagasse, a byproduct of sugar production. The bagasse protects the plates from moisture and fat through its natural properties. To make bagasse, the sugar cane remaining at the end of sugar production is processed into a paste. This is then pressed into a shape and the sugar cane plates are done. No coating is necessary. After use, the plates can be composted in accordance with EN 13432 and are completely biodegradable. Sugar cane plates are a real win for your business and your clear conscience to go.

  • Sugar cane soup plate, round
  • Volume 400ml
  • Bagasse, white
  • No coating
  • Complies with EN 13432
  • Biodegradable
  • For hot and cold dishes

These soup plates are on the compact side, so are perfect for starters, sides or desserts - including soup. They are lightweight yet very robust. So they’re just as pleasant for your customers to use as your staff. Of course, the purist, almost rimless design is also sure to impress. The narrow brim isn’t just a matter of style, as it also reduces the storage space required. These sugar cane soup plates are used anywhere from exclusive catering and trade fairs to markets, festivals and snack bars. In the end, everyone is impressed by sugar cane soup plates: first you, then your customers, and - most importantly - our environment.

1000 pcs. 138.40 lv

11,00 лв.
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