Sugarcane-menu containers 25 x 16,5 x 6,1 cm, 2 compartments, hinged-lid, rectangular

  • Brand: Bionatic
  • Cat No:BN DFC01346
  • Bagasse hinged-lid food containers with 2 compartments
  • Made from a by-product of the sugar production
  • Volume left 200 ml, right 350 ml
  • Delivered with lid
  • No additives and coatings
  • Temperature resistant from -25°C to 220°C
  • Suitable for oven and mircrowave
  • Restistant to hot and greasy dishes up to 130°C
  • Biodegradable according to EN 13432

The environmentally friendly bagasse containers with hinged lid are suitable for take away and to go dishes.

Note:The filling volume (total / left / right 900/200/350 ml) results from adding the maximum filling amounts of each compartment. Due to the higher containers and their arched lids, the filling volume may vary, depening on the particular dish. As required, we are happy to send samples to you.

500 pcs. 201.00 lv


18,00 лв. 16,50 лв.
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